Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems are addictive and contagious, once you get one PV System you want more and people are delighted to make referrals to friends. The following Customer Testimonials shows just how delighted our customers are to join the elite Renewable Energy Aficionados. Keith Gatford, Surrey - Keith had a 3.7 kWp Sharp PV System fitted, he was so delighted with his system and the personal attention received from Reflect Energy that his brother Paul also had a 3.89 kWp Sharp 245 Watt PV System fitted. See the photos of their installations. Nigel Brown, Somerset - Nigel had a 3.8 kWp Phono Solar 190 Watt PV System fitted. This customer was so happy he has referred Reflect Energy to ten of his friends, three of which; Mark Ledger, Mrs Dyer both bought Phono Solar PV Systems and Mr & Mrs Coombe's who bought a 3.9 kWp Suntech 195 Watt PV System. Mr & Mrs Carter, Hampshire - John Carter who had a 2.2 kWp Sharp 245 Watt PV System installed called to express his appreciation to the workman who installed his system stating that they had acted very professionally. Keith Wailes, Surrey - Keith had a Sharp 2.94 kWp Sharp 245 Watt PV System. Keith was so delighted with his system he recommended Reflect Energy to his friend Mr Dodsworth. Mr Chapman, Cornwall - Mr Chapman had a 3.99 kWp 190 Watt Phono Solar PV System fitted on his house. Mr Chapman a Farmer was so delighted with Solar Energy he is now going to have a 9.8 kWp Suntech 245 Watt PV System fitted on his Barn.