Low Energy

The Reflect Energy Lighting offering is based around two key areas; LED and Lighting Controls

LED Technologies

Everyone is talking about LEDs and the main reason for this is that they are the first new light source in twenty years. Although first commercially manufactured in the sixties, it has only been more recently that the LED technology can be found in more general lighting applications.
The main advantage over conventional light sources is their long life, efficiency and small size. Compared with conventional lamps, the efficiency of LEDs is increasing rapidly and are inherently controllable with a digital signal.

Can a client save energy and money by changing to LEDs?

This is the key question for the Reflect Energy consultant when looking into the feasibility of LED technology for a client. Reflect Energy will carry out a full lighting energy survey which looks at the lighting throughout an organisation and then produces a Return on Investment document showing costs and payback periods.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are used primarily to save energy, ensuring lighting is not used when areas are not occupied or sufficient daylight is available. Controlling this can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the lighting systems installed and the level of control required.
The solution could be as simple as manual dimming or could involve luminaires being automatically controlled by detectors which switch lighting on when movement is detected and , after a configurable ‘off time delay’, switch it off when vacancy is detected.
The Reflect Energy consultant, through the lighting energy survey, will look at the various options and produce a detailed proposal, with payback periods, based upon the idiosyncratic nature of each business.